Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Book: John Calvin Goes to Berkeley

What happens when a dogmatic Calvinist attempts “Reformation” within an on-campus, Christian organization of college students, who are relatively inexperienced in the Free Will vs. Predestination controversy? What happens when the dogmatic Calvinist becomes even more vigilant, when pressured by his aggressive Calvinist Pastor, using the threat of withholding his recommendation for admission to the Calvinistic, Westminster Theological Seminary? What happens when the inexperienced, non-Calvinist students take up the noble challenge of believing in God for an answer to the age old mystery on Predestination? What happens when the pressures of college life gets in the way of their research? What if that college is the University of California at Berkeley, or more affectionately known as “Beserkeley”? Find out, in the new book, “John Calvin Goes To Berkeley”?


Kevin Jackson said...

Awesome. I want one.

Richard Coords said...

Hey Kevin,

It was really good. As soon as I got it, I read it straight through. 300 pages in 12 hours. I'm a slow reader :-) The story line and characters are very compelling, and the theology was right on. I intend to quote some of it. I highly recommend this book, and I definitely think that it will catch on among students.

Luke said...

Interesting. Though I've got other books in line to read, this may be one for the future.

I especially love the quote, "there are no moral absolutes." I just don't know what to say without laughing and coming across as being condescending.

Luke said...

READ THE BOOK. It is GREAT!!!! I'm not as slow a reader as Richard. It took me just a little over 3 hours to read. It was hard to put the book down when I had an appointment.

Richard Coords said...

3 hrs? Wow, not bad. I'm a plodder :-)

I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed it. I really liked the character for Jonathan Belfitt (p.107), and especially the trip to Geneva. The Catholic link to Catholicism by the character, Michael (p.130), was interesting too. The storyline was suspenseful, and a rather ingenious way to introduce young people to a complex theological controversy. I cannot imagine how this wouldn't catch on among college Christian organizations. It's a hit.