Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Moving to Facebook

A Facebook Group for the ExaminingCalvinism.com website will now replace this Blog.  This Blog was originally created out of a desire by a reader to discuss a particular article on the website, and I now deem it best to move all such future discussions to the more user-friendly format at Facebook.

The purpose of the Facebook Group for ExaminingCalvinism.com is the following:

(1) Discuss the specific material on the website.

(2) Share testimonials.

(3) Advise of broken links and identify any typos to correct.

(4) Requests for specific verses to provide commentary and/or related subjects to address.

As for requests to engage in debate, such requests should be directed to the Facebook Group for "TULIP DEBATE" in which I participate as an Admin. For Arminians who wish to connect with fellow Arminians, please visit the Facebook Group for the "Society of Evangelical Arminians."